Seasoned biotech expert and founder of two biotech companies.

A board member Dr. Lasse Leino (born 1963) is the current president and CEO of DelSiTech Ltd (Turku, Finland). He has a strong and international 18-year record of accomplishment in biotech industry. Dr. Leino received his PhD in biochemistry in 1992 at the University of Turku and has a position of Adjunct Professor in Immunology at the University of Turku. He has worked in R&D management positions in Orion Pharma Corporation, BioTie Therapies Ltd., and AstraZeneca. Dr. Leino is the founder and the past CEO of BioCis Pharma and Laurantis Pharma, both of which now belong to Herantis Pharma Ltd, the First North Helsinki listed drug development company. Dr. Leino brings valuable experience of drug development and biotech management to the Company.